nipun full form – What is the full form of NIPUN ? (NIPUN Bharat Mission – 2024, Features, Full Form, Objective)

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NIPUN Full Form | What does NIPUN stand for?

nipun means (National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy.

National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy

other nipun full form : Nipun Bharat Scheme Nipun Bharat Mission

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  • Nipun Bharat Yojana has been launched by the Ministry of Education on 5th July 2021. The full name of this project is National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy.
  • An enabling environment will be created through this project.
  • All over which primary learning and knowledge of numeracy can be imparted to the students. All over the Nipun Yojana, every child will be given the capacity to learn reading, writing & arithmetic by the end of 3rd grade by 2026-27.
  • The project will be implemented by the Department of School Education & Literacy.
  • The Ministry of Education has launched the ‘National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy- NIPUN’ India Mission.

nipun full form

nipun full form is : NIPUN » Natty Insightful Progressive Unlucky Nonjudgemental

Objective of Nipun Bharat Mission:

An enabling environment should be construct to ensure universal acquisition of primary learning and numeracy Therefor that by 2026-27 every child accomplish the desired studying capacity in reading, writing and arithmetic up to Grade III.

Focus area of ​​Nipun Bharat Mission:

  • It will focus on providing and sustaining access to children in the foundational years of schooling; teacher capacity building;
  • Developing high quality and diverse student & teaching resources/studying materials as well as following each child’s improvement in fulfilling studying outcomes.

Implementation of Nipun Bharat Mission:

NIPUN India will be implemented by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education.

Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Samagra Shiksha, a five-tier execution mechanism will be set up at the National-State-District-Block-School level in all the States and Union Territories.

The ‘Samagra Shiksha’ program was launched by merging three existing schemes: Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) and Teacher Education (TE).

The objective of the scheme is to make school education holistically practiced from Pre-School to Class XII.

A special package for Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) is being developed by NCERT under NISHTHA (National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement).

NISHTHA is a total capacity building program for “Improving the Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training”.

Step-wise targets are being set in sequence through pre-primary or kindergarten classes.

National Steering Committee

  • A National Steering Committee (NSC) has been represented for the execution of Nipun Bharat Mission.
  • Nipun (National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Comprehension and Numeracy)
  • India scheme was launched earlier this year as part of the National Policy on Education (NEP) 2020.
  • Role and Responsibilities of National Steering Committee (NSC):
  • Monitor the progress of the National Mission on primary Literacy and Numeracy and provide guidance on policy issues.
  • To reach the target to be achieved at the national level in 2026-27.
  • To disseminate tools for measuring annual progress in the form of guidelines.
  • Preparation and approval of National Action Plan (based on State Action Plans).
  • To review the programmatic and financial parameters from time to time to ensure that they are in balance with the targets to be achieved.

Other nipun full form

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Noble Impressive Prudent Unequaled Neat Nipun
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Neutral Important Polite Upright Natural Nipun
Nice Innocent Pleasant Upbeat Neutral Nipun
Neat Intelligent Prompt Understanding Nice Nipun

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