how to Install PHP Accelerator Xampp on Windows

how to Install PHP Accelerator Xampp on Windows

Today, We want to share with you how to Install PHP Accelerator xampp.
In this post we will show you PHP accelerators, hear for How to install APC cache on WAMP Server we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about How to install APC cache on xampp Server with an example.

There are two type php accelerator xampp.

There are two type APC versions.

1- VC6 And 2- VC9

If owned used to Latest version of the php compiler version is simple install php accelerator “Compiler: MSVC6 (Visual C++ 6.0)” ,Now, I should to latest version of APC VC6 Otherwise check or installed APC VC9 version.I will all the status check compiler with check version from your root generated all the information phpinfo file of below screen shot on wamp server.

php accelerator xampp
php accelerator xampp

How To install Accelerator Cache on WAMP/XAMPP

Phase 1: first of all, I shall all the libs download need so php accelerator download or require latest version of php_apc.dll main file from step by step here
As per my more run compiler, and then I was latest version downloaded such as a ‘APC 3.1.6 for PHP 5.3 vc6’

Phase 2: I shall simple copy and paste this main libs on the dll file into here basic path c: /wamp/bin/php/ext/ here install apc on wamp, latest version of PHP php_apc.dll php 7 folder.

Phase 3:and then, We shall your system restart wamp or your server machine.

Phase 4:Now, simple Enabled your APC module from here check below PHP Extension list.

php accelerator
php accelerator

Phase 5:copy and Paste the below some settings or configuration all the parameter into your Path Like as a C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.17\bin\php.inimain file

Phase 6:Now, simple Restart the PHP wamp server or computers.

Phase 7:and Last step Open your details allt he information and run php info file of simple wamp server. run this url http://localhost/?phpinfo=1

php accelerator xampp_example
php accelerator xampp_example
PHP Accelerator in Xampp

How to Install PHP APC Cache on XAMPP

We may follow all the below phases to simple step by step install php APC cache on XAMPP server with your machine. XAMPP is also commonly used by the developer for PHP scripts run and online data display using server development, There We are here to show some phases to install APC php cache into basic xampp.

Phase 1: Insert the .dll(which We have simple step like as a wamp downloaded from above step) file simple way to put into php/ext folder.

Phase 2:and then Open main file all the search and settings php.ini root file and search here ‘extension : php_apc.dll’ on php accelerator wamp below source code

Phase 3:Imp note Restart the your system with Xampp server and then run This main file phpinfo() and ctrl + f and find apc if its search or not if display thats mean your system APC great Successfully done installed on your xampp server.


Lastly, We don’t forget to your machine restart Apache !

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I hope you get an idea about how to install PHP Accelerator in Xampp/wamp on windows.
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