php check file exists – How to Check If a File Exists in PHP?

php check file exists – Use the file_exists() Function to Check if File Exists in PHP. The file_exists() function is used to check whether the file or directory exists or not.

php check file exists

Verify if a File exists with PHP. In PHP, function to check if a file exists in a folder path is file_exists.

PHP file_exists() Function

Check if a file exists using the file_exists() function


Check if a file exists and readable


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Check if a file exists and writable


Checking whether a file exists


How to check if File Exists in PHP?

Verify if a File exists with PHP


$pathtofile = '/pakainfo_v1/mdeia/pakainfo_v1.ext';

echo file_exists($pathtofile);

if (file_exists($pathtofile)) {
   echo "Good Luck, File found in directory path";} 
else {
   echo "sorry, File not found in the path";}

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