DVR Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of DVR?

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What is the Full Form of DVR ?

DVR : Digital Video Recorder

DVR Full Form – What is DVR, Types and Functions of DVR?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder

Computing » Hardware
Digital Video Recorder

DVR Full Form in Business Terms
Differential Voting Right

DVR Full Form in Protocols
Distance Vector Routing

DVR Full Form in Mathematics
Discrete Valuation Ring

DVR Full Form Hindi in Electrical
Dynamic Voltage Restorer

DVR Full Form Hindi in Hardware
Digital Video Recorder

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder.

DVR Full Form – DVR: Digital Video Recorder

  1. D= Digital
  2. V= Video
  3. R= Recorder

what is dvr?

dvr full form

What is DVR, when we use Cctv then we need three different equipment, Camera, Display, DVR and today we will know what is DVR, why DVR is used, DVR is a common part of Cctv Because we can use Cctv without Display but not without DVR.

DVR is similar to Cd Player / Dish Reciever and works on the same principle, DVR does the work of Video Recording and Processing, whether to live play or save the video, Cctv cannot be used without DVR. This is because Cctv Camera cannot process the video for display by itself.

But DVR is completely for offline process and is wired and through this the camera’s activity can be saved and displayed on the display, but according to the need, NVR, XVR can also be used in place of DVR.

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Digital Video Recorder – DVR

That is a device that is specially made for video recording, but it does not mean that if you call a camera a DVR or if you are recording video again, then call it a DVR, but a DVR is a machine in which External Camera and External Display and then the DVR processes the video.

But if you want to save your recording online, you can not do it through DVR, but for online access, you should plan about NVR instead of DVR, in which you get the option of doing online storage and access.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive is the most important part of DVR because Hard Drive is the only equipment in which DVR saves data, what size hard drive should be in a DVR, it depends on the person who wants to get Hard Drive installed. Because he will decide that for how many days to store the old video.

Because if suppose if you use 1 TB hard disk for your DVR then maybe it will be enough for you, but it also depends on how many cameras the owner uses, in what size data stores.

What is DVR, Types and Functions of DVR?

You must have seen CCTV installed in homes, offices and companies. If you have seen their set-up properly, then apart from the camera, some other device is also installed in it.

(What is DVR) CCTV camera does not work alone, in this all the devices together let you display live video with the help of CCTV camera. An important device in the device that comes with CCTV is DVR (Digital Video Recorders) without which the CCTV camera is incomplete.

How does DVR work?

DVR takes signal from Cctv Camera as input and converts that signal into Digital Signal by processing it through the processor installed in DVR. After this the DVR saves this footage in its storage. After that we can watch it anytime with the help of monitor.

Functions of DVR

DVR has the following functions

  1. Showing Cctv Footage on Monitor
  2. Taking footage as a signal from a Cctv Camera
  3. Processing the signal from the CCTV camera
  4. compress data
  5. save data in storage

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What are the types of DVRs?

There are 3 types of DVR

Embedded DVR


Embedded DVR is a stand alone device which takes input from analog CCTV camera and processes and compresses it with the help of processor and OS and stores it on the hard disk attached to it.

It uses an OS that is not open to external networks. This means that the chances of getting viruses, hackers and other cyber attacks are negligible.

Its one special thing is that you can put only one type of analog camera in it, apart from this, no other camera supports it. If you put any other digital camera in it, then it will not work.

Hybrid DVR


In Hybrid DVR, you can install many types of analog cameras. Apart from this, you can also install IP cameras in it. Hybrid DVR supports both these types of cameras. You can use them for IP based surveillance systems.

This simply means that if you are using a hybrid DVR at home, then you can use both types of cameras.

PC Based DVR

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You cannot completely call this type of DVR as DVR. You need a computer to use them. This type of DVR is installed in the computer. The camera is connected to them by installing them with the motherboard and with the help of software we can connect the camera to the monitor.

The best thing about it is that you can save as much data as you want in it. For this, you just need to increase the hard disk of your computer. You can upgrade it easily.

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These were some sort of DVR. Now you must have easily understood what is DVR and what is its function.

While Buying DVR If you already have a computer then you can buy PC based DVR. If you do not have a computer, then you buy Hybrid DVR only, any type of cameras can be installed in it.

Just as CCTV is important for your security, in the same way buying a good DVR is equally important for you. Therefore, while buying CCTV, it must be taken into account that which is the DVR and what is the type. If you choose the right DVR then you will not have any problem later.

NVR Vs. DVR – What’s The Difference?



The Difference Between NVR and DVR

DVR Full Form(Technology » General)
Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR)

DVR vs NVR, Which One to Choose

Comparison NVR (Network Video Recorder) DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
NVR/DVR cameras IP cameras Analog or coax based cameras
Recording quality Higher Lower
NVR/DVR system setup Easier Tougher
NVR/DVR camera cost Higher Lower

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Difference between Dvr and Nvr.


  • Dvr means Digital Video Recorder.
  • It is Analog or Coaxial cable Supports camera based.
  • In this video data is processed and encoded by DVR.
  • It generally supports cameras up to 2,4 or 6 (MP) resolution.
  • Dvr can be viewed remotely on your mobile or computer.
  • Its recording quality is less than that of Nvr.
  • The camera is powered by SMPS in its setup.
  • The cable from each camera connects directly to the Dvr.
  • Its installation is more complicated than Nvr setup.
  • Its installation is compared to Nvr It is very cheap.


  • Nvr means Network Video Recorder.
  • It supports IP (Internet protocol) based camera.
  • Lan cable ( for its installation) CAT6) is used.
  • In this the video data is processed and encoded by the IP camera itself.
  • It is FHD smart phone up to about 12 (MP) Supports the camera.
  • Nvr can also be viewed remotely on your mobile or computer.
  • Its recording quality is of a high standard.
  • Its installation is very easy.
  • Power to the camera in its setup POE is provided by the switch.
  • The cable from the camera is not connected to the Nvr but to the switch.
  • Its installation is expensive compared to Dvr
  • IP Camera’s can also be set up wirelessly.

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Cctv installation

For cctv installation, first of all you have to have all the accessories related to the installation, otherwise the work may stop in the middle.

If you set up a 4 channel dvr, then it needs to have main components like 4 Camera, 4 channel Dvr, Hard disk, 4 channel SMPS, Coaxial cable, BNC connector and a screen.

  • The first task in camera installation is the location of the camera and the Dvr, that is, you have to choose the place where the Dvr will be placed, and also select all the places where the Camera
  • Then the camera is to be mounted or fitted at your chosen location.
  • Now the wiring work has to be started according to the camera, in which Coaxial cable has to be laid from Dvr to each camera.
  • After this, BNC and power connectors are to be installed on both ends of the cable. And the connector has to be connected to the camera.
  • After that open the Dvr and fit the hard disk in it.
  • Now all the cables (BNC) attached to the camera have to be connected to the Dvr and SMPS.
  • Now the screen has to be turned on and the dvr to the screen
  • DVR setup screen will open in front of you where you have to set date/time and password etc.
  • You will see the cameras as soon as you set up the Dvr.
  • a You can set the location of the camera according to your need, but yes, you must first format the hard disk once so that the recording can start.

You must have understood very well what is DVR?! If you want to know more about this or have any question in your mind, then you can ask in the comment section!

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