What is Google AdSense and How To Make Money With It? – payment procedure of Google AdSense in 2024

What is Google AdSense? If you have a website and you are thinking of earning on the basis of content through that website. Then this can prove to be a best platform for you.

Whenever you go to a search engine for an answer to a question. So there you get to see many websites. Who wrote the answer related to your question. When you visit those websites. So you must have seen that ads are running in almost all the websites.

With the help of these ads, website owners earn money through the user. Due to which he makes this business till his full time business. So let’s know in simple words what is Google AdSense? How does it work, what is its payment process and how can you apply for it?

What is Google AdSense?

How does it work and how can you apply for your website and what do you have to do for its approval? Before knowing this, it is necessary to know that what is Google Adsense?

Fast Google Adsense Account Approval Process
Fast Google Adsense Account Approval Process

Google Adsense is an advertising website and platform. Which work to give and show their advertisements to the website or bloggers. In return, she pays the website owner according to the CPC (Cost Per Click).

This price depends on your user, how long they stay in your web page and click in the running ad or not.

Get Fully Google Adsense Approval Fast Trick and Tips
Get Fully Google Adsense Approval Fast Trick and Tips

There are many things that determine your CPC. Friends, however, there are many such Ads Provider Companies whose advertisements you can place in your website. But the ads given by Google are high CPC. Due to which many bloggers go towards Adsense because they get more benefit from it.

Google Adsense High CPC Paying Keywords List
Google Adsense High CPC Paying Keywords List

Google Adsense puts many types of Ad Unit in your website. Like- Text, Text with Image, Video Ads With the help of these ads, you can fulfil your daily needs. Adsense provides many tools to its publisher. With the help of which you can easily see and understand the Click and Earning in Ads.

Adsense advertising is operated through the code in the website. Different types of ad patterns have different codes. Which you have to paste there as HTML. Location in which you want to show ads. Google AdSense allows you to place two types of ads – Manual Ad and Auto Ad.

With the help of Manual Ad, you have to create your own Add Unit and put their code in your web page. Whereas in Auto Ads, you only have to put a code once in the Header.php or HTML section of your Theme Panel.

After which Google does Automatically Ads Placement and it automatically shows the ad by selecting the location according to it.

What Is Google Adsense and How To Make Money With It?

What is Google AdSense
What is Google AdSense

Google Ads is an advertisement running website. Through which the manufacturers of many products do the process of running ads of their product in Google. For this, they have to pay Google to run ads. Google runs the ads of those products in those website pages. Those who have taken Google Adsense Approval.

The money that Google gets for showing a product on the website through Google Ads. Google gives 68% of its share to Publisher. At the same time, Google gives 51% to the publisher for search. Due to which it has become a popular platform to earn money for various websites.

Many people have achieved success through this. It has become a popular and successful means of providing advertisements and earning money from advertisements. To run their advertisement in our website, we have to apply online for it. We have to login there by going to the website of Google Adsense.

After that their code has to be put in their website. With the help of which Google’s robots come and check our website whether the design and content of our website are in accordance with the policies of Adsense. After checking, Adsense sends us a message about the status through Gmail. If our website is approved to show ads.

So we can do Ads Setup and Placement by logging into AdSense Account again. For this we can follow any one of two procedures. Like- Auto Ads and Manual Ads, after this we have to do many such tasks. Which we have to follow.

Like- Address Verification and Bank Account Verification etc.

What is the payment procedure of Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense? – Adsense gives the Earning done through our website through CPC and Impression. It gives money to the publisher on the basis of per page views. Generally Google gives 1$ of 1000 Page Views, whereas CPC (Cost Per Click) is determined through your country, type of content, its quality and the location and purpose of the user clicked.

Talking about India, here publishers usually get CPC from 0.01 $ to 0.45 $. It depends on your content. Google AdSense transfers your payment to your added account only after 100$ is completed. Adsense releases your payment on 21-22 of every month. Which reaches your account by 24-25 tariq.

For example, if we understand this, then if you earn 60 $ in Adsense a month. So this 60$ will be credited to your balance. Next month when your 40$ is added, the Balance Amount will become 100$ or 100+$. So on 21st date your payment is sent by Adsense. Which takes 3 to 5 working days to reach your account.

In the AdSense interface, you can keep an eye on the earning from advertising through the following options-

  • Page Views – Page views show the number of users who have come to your website. How many web pages have they visited? Suppose a user came to your website and read the content in it, after that through another link, he also went to your other page. So in this way 1 user will give you 2 page views.
  • Page RPM (Revenue Per Mile) – Through this you can see how much $ you are getting in 1000 Page Views. Through this you can see the Earning of your page views.
  • Impression – It shows how many people’s eyes have seen the ad on your web. It is not necessary for the user to click on your web page. Even if someone just sees your title or description. So it gets counted in your impression.
  • Click – Through click, you can see how many users have clicked in the advertisement running in your website. It shows the number of clicks in the ad per day.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) – Through this you can see how many dollars you are getting per click. By taking the average of all these clicks, you see the earning from 1 click.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) – It shows how many impressions came in your website and how many clicked in the advertisement running in your website. By dividing the impression by the click, we get the CTR. Suppose 100 impressions came to your website and 5 people clicked on your ad. So your CTR will be 5%.

How to apply for Google AdSense? Step-by-Step | New Method 2023

So let us now know how you can apply for Adsense. So that ads can be seen in your website and you can also earn from it. If you also want to earn money with the help of your advertisement then follow all these steps-

How to get Google AdSense Approval for your Blog or Website 2
How to get Google AdSense Approval for your Blog or Website 2

Step 1: First you go to Google Search Engine and search by typing Google AdSense.

Step 2: After that click on Get Started and login using your Gmail account.

Step 3: After that you have to enter the URL of your website along with www in Your Website. For which you want to apply.

Step 4: In the option below that, if you want to receive any kind of information from Adsense through Gmail, then click on Yes Send me customization option.

Step 5: After that you select your country. For example, in India, then click on I have read in Term of Service and click on Start using AdSence.

Step 6: After that your AdSense interface will open. In which you have to enter your name and address detail in Tell us about You.


Step 7: The code you will see by clicking on Let’s go in Connect Your site to AdSense. By copying it, you have to paste it between the and tags in your HTML section.

After which you will receive a message through Gmail. In which it will be written that we will assess your website and will mail you the status within 5 days or 2 weeks.

As soon as your AdSense will be approved. Then a message will come in your Gmail which will be written Congratulations Your Site is Ready to Show Ads Now you can earn by showing ads in your website by creating Ads Unit.

When to apply for Google AdSense?

Before applying for Adsense, you have to keep some things in mind. Only then you are eligible for it. You have to create the necessary page in your website. Like- Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact us, About us Along with this you also have to create Category Pages. In which you have to publish 4 to 5 posts inside each category.

If your website has 15 to 20 posts and all are indexed in Google Search Console. In addition, Sitemaps are also indexed. So you can directly apply for Google Adsense. Although User and Website Age does not matter but still we would suggest that you apply then. When your website is 4 to 5 months old and 200 to 300 traffic or users are visiting your website. Doing so increases the chances of getting Adsense Approval soon.

Conclusion – what is Google AdSense?

Adsense is one of the best and popular platform to show ads. With the help of which you can earn thousands of lakhs of rupees. It gives value to your content. If you are thinking of earning through website and your content, then this can prove to be a beneficial step for you.

So friends, today you have learned through this article of ours that what is Google AdSense? How does it work, what is its payment process and how to apply? If this article of ours has been beneficial like other articles and it is easy for you to understand, then share your thoughts and related problems with us through the comment box.

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